The future of  outsourcing is bright for both BPO companies and clients. Outsourcing has grown over the past decade. In the beginning, BPO started as small contact centers and freelancers working with platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. As an example of how outsourcing is making money: Upwork had revenue of approximately 250M US dollars per year and has been growing consistently. Countries like the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh have reaped from this growing trend and below are some reasons why it is growing.

Lower costs of skilled labor. Skilled labor costs in third-world countries are much lower than in western counterparts. Businesses that outsource to the Philippines decrease costs in comparison to hiring people within their own country.

Professional and quality service. There is no doubt that outsourcing companies hire the best people. With a thorough recruiting system and training of people, the knowledge and skills are always updated. This includes expertise on certain tasks like system development.

Skilled labor is always available. Because of the recruitment and hiring processes, there is always a buffer of skilled and educated people. Most BPOs hire college-level employees and for supervisory positions, a college degree might be asked. 

Expectations from outsourcing. The industry is expected to continue to grow at the current rate with more and more businesses inclined to outsource their processes.

Automation is forecasted to take on many outsourcing works, there will be a shift in the need for higher-end skills like mobile application development, website development, and digital marketing. There is a very positive growth for the future of outsourcing for clients to benefit from and for BPO companies to have an impact of economy.

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