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The right project will transform someone forever.

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Who We are

Explore our journey from humble beginnings to level playing field with industry leaders.

Strat1 offers specialized technical consulting and customized engineering solutions, catering to Audio/Visual, Broadcast, Media & Entertainment, Information Technology, Satellite Communications, and Commercial sectors.

We provide a client-centric, tailored, and bespoke approach focusing on unique KPIs and painpoints for each particular technology sector. 

Why Strat1 Engineering?

We understand the dynamic nature of various operational landscapes and their unique requirements and specialize in delivering turn-key results within complex mission-critical environments.

Our mission is to achieve the highest levels of technical creativity, project execution efficiency, engineering accuracy, on-time deliveries, budget adherence, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Success Stories

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Dolby Atmos Lab Deployment

How it Works

Refined Approach to Project Execution.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We just want it to spin faster and more efficiently to deliver stronger performance on-time and on-budget.

Our approach is not complicated.

We rely on our passion, our commitment to execution and attention to detail.


Strong focus on talent matching to improve engineering accuracy.


Transparency and clarity with project stakeholders.


Innovative workflows to yield better project team collaboration.


Data tracking and analysis for continuous optimization.


Faster procurement and on-site deployment.

We deploy the best fit technical talent based on project needs and engineering requirements.

We bring clarity and transparency to every engagement, beginning with a thorough site walk and continuing with frequent communication of progress through all phases of project execution.

We believe in collaboration. No more “your team” versus “our team”. 

We are one team working towards the same end goal. Everyone has full visibility and access to the project tracking tools to monitor project health and progress. 

Everyone is “part of the action”. This is a partnership.

We want to inspire the future.

The right project done right will transform someone forever.

Our Services and SolutionS

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Project Planning and Budget Estimation

Technical Project Management

Project Rescue

Technical Drawings (CAD)

Engineering Design



General Contractor / Construction

Framing / Fabric

Demolition, Teardown and Haul-Away

Equipment Sourcing / Procurement

System Commissioning, Testing

Engineering Training

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“[Their] ability to deliver on a client's vision is one of the best I've seen. They take the time to listen and understand a project's objective, stay organized, asks the right questions and leads teams very well to deliver a great finished product.”
Chief Marketing Officer
Fashion Sector
“Eugene would be one of my very first choices for any large and complex project. He understands the big picture, and is detail orientated. In addition, he is a knowledgeable engineer, so it is very easy to discuss technical issues. “
Senior Solutions Architect
Technology Sector
“His ability to understand a client's needs and translate them into an executable strategy were second to none. He always put a lot of thought into how we should operate in regards to client relationships and internal processes and it really made things smoother.”
Director of Operations
Education Sector
“I worked with Eugene for four years at DIRECTV/AT&T, while he was an engineer overseeing the construction of several broadcast satellite uplink facilities. He is a creative, dedicated and hardworking individual. He made a significant contribution to their team and to the company.”
University Lecturer
Aerospace Engineering
“Eugene is not afraid to ask questions and is a fast learner to ensure that the job and project are done correctly and to meet requirements and specifications.”
VP of Sales
Satellite Communications Sector

Turn-Key solution

We provided the following services for a turn-key Atmos lab build.

Project Highlight

On-site integration effort substantially completed in four weeks, one and a half weeks ahead of the projected schedule, and within the client’s allocated budget.