Best B2B Websites to Derive Inspiration

Well designed B2B websites may be a factor for converting visitors to purchasers. Those who want to redesign or even create a new website for their business can find inspiration from these B2B website examples. Whether its a redesign or a new website, BurkiBPO can assist and create the website that you always wanted.  Blake […]

Importance of Domain Name in SEO

There was a time when a domain name was very vital for search engine optimization (SEO). However, it is a bit different nowadays and a thorough understanding of how this works is important so SEO efforts would be successfully implemented. EMDs or exact match domains were a big deal some years ago. Google, the premier […]

Ways to Keep Website Security

Website security is one aspect that should not be taken lightly for enterprises, as well as small businesses. No matter how small the company is, there is always relevant information that needs to be protected. Simple as it may seem, website security has its share of vulnerabilities and some are complex to handle. However, there […]

A Good Web Design: One Key to Success

Have you ever come across a good web design that you truly admired? It is likely that you thought the images were awesome and got the message of what the website was all about. Apart from the good web design, you were able to navigate the pages fast and efficiently. The user interface or r […]

What Makes a Good Website

A website is the most important marketing asset that you can have for the business. It is the first-contact point for most customers and often it is used for marketing campaigns.  It is vital that the setup of your website should be stable not only for aesthetics but for online marketing.  Below are some questions […]

Big Companies That Use WordPress for Website Development

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform built on MySQL and PHP.  The main purpose was then to help bloggers. It is an open-source software which means that many people are putting improvements and above all it is free. Many still believe that WordPress is not a proper website development platform and has been stereotyped […]