Have you ever come across a good web design that you truly admired? It is likely that you thought the images were awesome and got the message of what the website was all about. Apart from the good web design, you were able to navigate the pages fast and efficiently. The user interface or r UI was very effective and used the right way by the web designer.

Web design is vital to any website development project. This manages the interaction between the user and the website so therefore your product and services. The best interface allows the user to not go through the technicalities of the website. Though it may appear as a basic principle, web design is actually distinct and should have special attention during the development process.

What is web design?

Web design is composed of the aesthetic elements that are created for a website in order to make a good user experience. This includes navigation, menus, icons, typography, colors, and layout. The main focus is the look and feels of the interface and whether the user has a pleasant and smooth experience both in visual and functionality.

What makes a good web design?

The most important part of web design is knowing what you want to achieve. More often, it is easier to design the type of website or app you want to produce than it is to define a set of rules for getting what you want.

Web development is relatively straightforward. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing a website:

When all these elements are combined, the web design is both powerful and simple that allows users to achieve what they want to do easily. Users should not search through many pages to find the information needed.

Rules for a good web design

1.A good and functional design is consistent throughout the website. Consistency is ideal. A color, typography, or branding scheme can be your guide in creating a website that is consistent.

2.The design of the navigation and other touch elements must not be confusing or hard for the user.

3.There should be visual clarity. This is how you arrange website sections to let the user see the importance. Provide a lot of visual cues to assist the users in what to do.

4.There should be a balance of text and images. Images are pleasing but too much will distract the user especially when you want to provide information. There must be a proper balance between text and images on a page.

5.The design must allow a simple process. Most functions of a website like signing up, make a purchase, or request for more information should follow the 3-click rule. This means that the user should reach and accomplish the process with 3 mouse clicks.

6.A good web design puts the user in control. You empower the user to navigate through the website and get a sense of control. The user can exit or continue a process or a section easily with clear instructions.

7.Comfort and ease of use should be an important consideration. Too many clicks can confuse a user on what to do next.

8.Avoid using technical jargon. Users may not be as technically literate as you are. Use language and terms that they are familiar with. 

9.Be inclusive. Consider a variety of situations that the user might be in. Be sure that the website can cater to diverse types of users. High contrast and a simple design should be used to lessen visual noise. Do not use too many graphics or links to pages that are irrelevant to what you are marketing.

10.Use visual cues that are popular. Do not let your user guess what an icon means or where it would point to. There are universal graphics for many things in the digital world and most users know the meaning.

Last words on a good web design

The object of a good web design is to make navigating easy and pleasurable for the users. As such, this allows users to explore products and services without much difficulty or fear that they can do damage to the site.

The best web design actually does more than this. Your website is the best showcase for the product or service. When doing web design always have your customers in mind – What would they want to do?. Where are they located? What do they want from your website?

Whether you will have someone work on the web design and user interface, be sure to have the above rules and tips in mind. Always remember, user experience is an important aspect. Make the experience a good one.

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