Choosing Fonts for Packaging

Fonts for packaging can help attract customers to the product. We present some tips on which font to use. Designs of most custom packaging usually have the product logo as the focal part in the center of the box. There should also be a catchy tagline that would be readable.  The fonts used must be […]

Best B2B Websites to Derive Inspiration

Well designed B2B websites may be a factor for converting visitors to purchasers. Those who want to redesign or even create a new website for their business can find inspiration from these B2B website examples. Whether its a redesign or a new website, BurkiBPO can assist and create the website that you always wanted.  Blake […]

Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic design is not only for print media. It has now gone into the digital market. The past decade has been the era of evolution in marketing. Consumer behavior did a radical shift, especially in 2020 when most had to resort to non face–to-face purchases and the online business boomed.  With this trend, graphic designs […]

A Good Web Design: One Key to Success

Have you ever come across a good web design that you truly admired? It is likely that you thought the images were awesome and got the message of what the website was all about. Apart from the good web design, you were able to navigate the pages fast and efficiently. The user interface or r […]