SEO or Search Engine Optimization has a very important part in any digital marketing plan. This helps people find their way to the website and to the content.  The higher a page ranks on the SERP, the more people will visit the page.

Social media is another effective way to bting traffic to the website.  Having an effective social media strategy will result in brand awareness and ROI. When social media and SEO are maximized in a digital marketing strategy, it is a sure thing to succeed.

This article helps to understand the complex relationship of social media and SEO as well as how to maximize both strategies.

Google and Social Signals

Social signals in this context would mean the likes and shares on social media of content that is placed online. Although Google has not explicitly say that social signals count in ranking, it definitely acknowledges that social media brings in traffic and brand awareness. 

Way back 2010, social signals were given weight by Google as a ranking factor and they focused on quality and quantity. The reputation of the author was important as well as the content itself. However, in 2014, Google decided that this factor will no longer be a ranking factor. Thereby making social signals irrelevant to SEO.  Although no longer relevant to SEO, social media had other benefits to the digital marketing strategy in terms of bringing the audience to the page or website.

Using social media for backlinks

There are certain facts about social media that have been established:

  1. Social signals do matter as content is being shared and liked online
  2. Social signals do lead to backlinks as content creators are recognized and being shared.
  3. Backlinks improve SEO value. 

Backlinks are responsible for the improvement of SEO rankings. The best way to get backlinks would be:

Integrating social media with SEO

When a digital marketer synchronizes social media with SEO, the blend would complement each other assuring a stable and successful strategy. 

Great content completes the blend when coming from:

Tips for improvement of SEO in social media

Social media sharing does not impact SEO but when content is shared, it can influence SEO in the following ways:

Include a good profile on the social media account

SEO is about placement of target keywords in the right places. Make sure that a account profile contains these keywords. For LinkedIn accounts, they should contain as much professional and career details. Always make the effort to research on the keywords and how relevant they are to the profile.

Have quality, shareable content on the social channels

People are usually interested on good content. Whether it is an anecdote or an interesting trend, people tend to share this with others. Content must satisfy the readers, Authority on the subject is also critical. The more knowledge they can get from a content, the more this will be appreciated and shared.

Good content can generare backlinks

Back links would be the result of shared content and eventually this will boost the SEO value. Engageent with the audience will open up new avenues as well. When the audience interacts with the author on a certain topic, possible back links will be made leading to the original post or website.

Be open to social listening opportunitues to know what is happening

Listen to what social media is sayiing about the business and find out what the competition is doing. Monitor the social signals and conversations. Be keen on what is going on and take the opportunity to make engagements on social accounts.

Know who the influencers are and follow their social media

In every niche there are influenders who actually have an impract on certain topics. Knoww who they are for the business and incorporate conversations with them. If there is an opportunity to start a conversation with them then the better.

Have SEO rich social media campaigns

In social media and SEO, things can change rapidly. What works now maybe ireelevant after a few months. However, keywords and fundamental SEO tactics remain stable. A proIt is important to keep these fundamentals in mind.

A digital marketing agency can keep the business on track in terms of merging socil media campaigns with SEO. They can have the services needed to make a successful marketing campaign.