It is common for most businesses today to maintain some sort of self-service option to help support customer service and even sales.  A collection of knowledge base articles are collected for the customers to read when they are looking for solutions.

Self-service options provide customers the opportunity to sell solutions on their own. This empowers the customer service teams by lessening the workload on repetitive tasks and inquiries

When a leak happens in your sink, the first instinct is to call a plumber. But if this is an expensive option then you can decide to do it yourself and solve the problem. Most people will Google or watch YouTube on how to fix the leak,

Many organizations fail to promote self-service options. Thus channels for this option remain unused and taken for granted.  These businesses remain in the digital dark ages.

Business avenues to promote self-service options

Businesses need to design self-service options for the customer’s convenience with their needs considered. Customers must be introduced to such options and guided on how to use them.

Chat Facility

The website must have a chat utility. With live chat, clients can quickly find what they are looking for.  It is also a great way to engage with customers and attend to the most common problems and questions.  The chat box can provide information about the product as well as a knowledge base about the business.

Webpage Banner

Have a banner on the website that explicitly shows that the business has a self-service option. The banner can have hyperlinks to a page with FAQs or a knowledge base. Categories for each subject can be added to further organize the page.

Social Media Links

Placement of social media icons with hyperlinks can be one way to have self-service for customers.  Social media comments and past can engage customers and attend to inquiries or problems.

So how does the business communicate with clients? Customer communication is a great way to promote self-service options. Burki BPO can help you set up self-service options for the business and even a CRM for transactions. Call us anytime so we can provide a solution.